Modern Bride Magazine
“Role Reversal”
What happens when she's the one who proposes.

More Magazine
“Dad's New Libido”
The squirmy, heartening world of aging parent sex.

More Magazine
“This Is Good-bye”
During her final months, mops and Sani-wipes form our new lexicon of love.
“April in Paris: Debunking the Myth”
The cold truth: bone chilling rain, ratty tempers, and warm café retreats.

KQED Perspectives
“The High Cheese”
With Opening Day approaching, it's time to brush up on your baseball lingo.

Health & Well Being
Natural Solutions
“Breathe to Beat the Blues”
Pranayama offers a drug-free solution to depression.

Psychology Today
“A Higher Road to Relaxation”
Cool your exercise jets--the body's best cure for stress may be a little face time.

“Home (Bitter) Sweet Home”
My clothing needs are few, but I'm packing a lifetime of resentments. Lingering grudges and smoldering indignities compete for space with the toiletries and socks as I return for the holidays.

Best Self
“Dining Into the New Millennium”
Dining out in restaurants and obesity: what do these two trends have to do with each other?

Dog Fancy
“Behind Bars”
When at-risk teens train puppies to be guide dogs, two needy populations are served.

General Interest, Travel & Food
California Magazine
“A Taste for Education”
An English lesson in recipe measurements evolves into a beautiful, and successful, salsa cookbook.

California Magazine
“Caspar's Tale”
A Berkeley planner helps a community sustain its town.

The San Francisco Chronicle
“A town gives thanks for a humble can that came to the rescue. Spam anyone?”
It's Sunday after Valentine's Day and the Hotel Del Rio in Isleton is alive with Spam fans…  

American Way
“A Fish-Eye's View of San Francisco”
You see the grim jaws of a sevengill shark. Flail, scream, or pass out? Not if you're at UnderWater World.

Veggie Life
“Purim: A Sweet Celebration”
It's time to do your duty for Purim, and the biblical commands are clear: thou shalt party.

Technology & Education
Reader's Digest
“Reading Goes to the Dogs”
Reading to dogs helps children gain confidence and skill.

The San Francisco Chronicle
“The Game of Tag”
High Tech, interactive name labels share data, help break the ice, and spark a lot of smirks.

Technology & Learning
“Whiteboard Jungle”
How to find your way through the chaotic world of digital whiteboards for the classroom.

Access Learning
“Partners in Community”
When community groups forge partnerships with school districts, everyone wins.

Book Reviews & Columns
The Jewish Standard
“Roth Asks ‘What If?’”
A review of Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America,” wherein Roth offers a Jewish child’s world, an aura of fear, and the premise of what might have happened had Charles Lindbergh been elected president in 1940. Travel Column
“Don't Bother Me with Facts When I'm Reading”
Call it reading for color, call it mood reading, or call it what it is: vicarious thrills experienced through fictional characters as they soap opera their way through Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai. Reference Column
“Self Improvement in Small Bites”
"An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles" meets "What's What in Japanese Restaurants." Travel Column
“Summer Vacations That Could Have Been”
My childhood would have been so much sweeter if only we’d had books like “Ranch Vacations” to inform our family vacations. Reference Column
“When in Rome, Speak as the Romans Do”
Start studying now. If you think April is the cruelest month, see how July feels when you can’t remember how to ask for air-conditioning.