ISRAEL GUIDE (2nd Edition)
Published by: Open Road Publishing
Date: 1998
ISBN: 1-88332-75-4

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Exploring the new and exciting possibilities now available to tourists, including easy excursions to Egypt and Jordan, author Gold makes a trip to Israel more accessible, more affordable, and more interesting than it has ever been before.

Whether tourists are drawn by their heritage or their religion, through curiosity about some of the world's most ancient and revered sites or a desire to see first-hand the crossroads of three great religions, they will find that Gold brings the manifoldness of Israel into focus with a keen eye and a great sense of adventure. From luxury resorts on the southern tip of Israel to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, from museum visits to the Israel Philharmonic performances under the stars, Israel Guide offers the essential details a traveler needs.

The book includes tips on travel to Israel and on getting around the country. Readers will see this special land the way it was meant to be seen -- with expert advice and an insider's feel for the people, the cultures, and the land of Israel.